Phins to the West will be May 14 through May 17 at the Aquarius Casino and Resort in Laughlin, NV. Please go to or click on the logo above to find out more information on the event and signing up online. You have until April 15 to register to get everything included. After that date you may not get everything in the goody bag or the official 2015 event momentos.


Jimmy Buffett 2015 Tour

Jimmy Buffett is starting his tour this year on April 1 in Key West, FL. He began by playing in the bars down in the Keys many years ago. As usual, he will be playing all over the country. He usually plays a couple of concerts in Las Vegas in October each year.

If you have never seen a Jimmy Buffett concert you are missing quite a spectacle. People show up in all kinds of costumes based on songs by Jimmy Buffett. Parrot Heads come from all over the country to watch him play in Las Vegas every year. You need to add a Buffett concert to your bucket list if you have not seen him.


The three Parrot Head Clubs in charge of Migration have decided to cancel it for this year. They are working on a new venue for 2015. It could either be in Palm Springs or Las Vegas.


The Phin City Parrot Head Club is an organization whose purpose is to assist in local charitable and environmental concerns. In addition we provide a variety of social activities with similar tastes and interests - but, most importantly, love Jimmy Buffett's music, books, and tropical spirit.

What is a Parrot Head?

A Parrot Head is an avid fan of Jimmy Buffett's music. Being a Parrot Head is a lifestyle, a state of mind. A Parrot Head is anyone who enjoys the tropical atmosphere and spirit created by Jimmy Buffett through his music, books, and plays. A Parrot Head exists (if only in the mind) in a place where the seawater is warm, the trade winds blow gently and the ice in the boat drink doesn't melt too fast.