Upcoming Events

June Super Phlocking

Come join us on Wednesday, June 7 for our monthly phlocking. This will be one of our Super Phlockings with Bee-Man and the Mizzbehavins as our special musical guests. They played for us in 2016 and we all had a good time. The band "The Detentions" will be joining them so it will be a good night of music and phun to be had by all. The charity of the month will be the National Order of Trench Rats.

We will have a free drink for members with their badge and the usual food and drink specials provided by our gracious host, Tommy Rocker. It's time for a team drink.

Phins to the West
Registration is open for Phins to the West that will be held in Mesquite, Nevada on June 8 through June 11. Please go to the site web page at www.phinstothewest.com for more information on this event.

Charity of the Month
June - National Order of Trench Rats
Past Charities

January - Toys for Smiles
February - Children's Heart Foundation
March - Foster Kids of Southern Nevada
April - Adopt a Rescue Pet
Street Dogz
June - National Order of Trench Rats
July - TBD
August -
September - TBD
October - TBD
November - TBD
December - TBD

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What is a Parrot Head?
A Parrot Head is an avid fan of Jimmy Buffett's music. Being a Parrot Head is a lifestyle, a state of mind. A Parrot Head is anyone who enjoys the tropical spirit and atmosphere created by Jimmy Buffett through his music, books and plays. A Parrot Head exists (if only in the mind) in a place where seawater is warm, the trade winds blow gently, and the ice in the boat drinks doesn't melt too fast.

What goes on at a Phin City Parrot Head Club meeting?
We visit with old friends and make new ones. We drink, we sing and dance, we give away tropical merchandise while raising money for charity. We announce upcoming club activities, and we simply have a Great Time. Our meetings, which we call phlockings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at Tommy Rocker's Cantina at 4275 Dean Martin Drive in Las Vegas, NV.