Phins to the West

PTTW is an event that brings together Parrot Heads from all areas of the country to enjoy a weekend of phun and entertainment in Laughlin, NV. Repeatedly nominated as The Trop Rock Music Alliance's best Trop-Rock event, this year promises to be the best ever!

It will be held this year from May 15 to May 18 at the AVI Casino on the river in Laughlin. For more information on this event please go to the event website:


The three Parrot Head Clubs in charge of Migration have decided to cancel it for this year. They are working on a new venue for 2015. It could either be in Palm Springs or Las Vegas.

Jimmy Buffett has announced some of his tour dates for 2014. Please go to the link for Jimmy Buffett tour on this page to find out some of the places he will be playing this year. For those of you who have seen Jimmy Buffett play, you know it is quite the visual experience as thousands of people come wearing their tropical shirts, coconut bras, pirate costumes, Parrot Head Hats and any other theme that has anything to do with a Jimmy Buffett song. There is nothing like 10s of thousands of people all doing the Phin dance. Everyone sings along with him and knows all the words. Buffett is still going strong as he just hit his 67th birthday on December 25.

Phin City PHC Social Gathering - Those of us who went to the Shark Reef all had a great time. We were able to procure an employee discount of $7.00 through a friend of the club. Therefore the club is going to reimburse those who were able to go the $8.00 extra that you paid for your tickets.

The Phin City Parrot Head Club is an organization whose purpose is to assist in local charitable and environmental concerns. In addition we provide a variety of social activities with similar tastes and interests - but, most importantly, love Jimmy Buffett's music, books, and tropical spirit.

What is a Parrot Head?

A Parrot Head is an avid fan of Jimmy Buffett's music. Being a Parrot Head is a lifestyle, a state of mind. A Parrot Head is anyone who enjoys the tropical atmosphere and spirit created by Jimmy Buffett through his music, books, and plays. A Parrot Head exists (if only in the mind) in a place where the seawater is warm, the trade winds blow gently and the ice in the boat drink doesn't melt too fast.