Upcoming Events

Last Man Standing 2016
Last Man Standing is the premier annual Parrothead charity event in Las Vegas held each year by the Phin City Parrothead Club the day before the Jimmy Buffett concert. It will once again be at Tommy Rockers Mojave Beach.

The date for this year's Last Man Standing is October 14. Mojave Beach is located at 4272 Dean Martin Drive.Stay tuned for time and event prices to be put on our site. As usual you will be able to make your charitable donation for this event online to gain access is open. Click on the Last Man Standing tab above.

June Phlocking Date Change
The June phlocking will move from the first Wednesday to Saturday, June 18. We will welcome a guest band from New Mexico called B-Man & the MizBeeHavens entertaining us for the evening. This is a good opportunity for people who can't make Wednesday night phlockings to come join us.

Past Events

Parrothead Beach at the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings was a very successful and fun weekend. Almost $3000 was raised through the raffles for our wounded veterans. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped out with this event. The music was Phintastic. The food and beverages were very good. It was a good weekend as we once again partied with a purpose.

Charity of the Month

Toys for Smiles
The Toys 4 Smmiles Mission is to provide a toy to children of all ages in need of a smile, while providing a sense of purpose, caring, and community to the volunteers of Toys 4 Smiles. These toys are not simply playthings, but tools that help unlock a child’s ability to think, to be creative, and to cope with the world around them.

Past Charities

January - Catholic Charities

February - Children's Heart Foundation

March - Foster Kids of Southern Nevada

April - Adopt a Rescue Pet

National Order of Trench Rats Local Dugout 421
This group of veterans place flags on Memorial Day at the Southern Nevada Veteran's Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City and are in need of cash donations to purchase the flags.

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What is a Parrot Head?
A Parrot Head is an avid fan of Jimmy Buffett's music. Being a Parrot Head is a lifestyle, a state of mind. A Parrot Head is anyone who enjoys the tropical spirit and atmosphere created by Jimmy Buffett through his music, books and plays. A Parrot Head exists (if only in the mind) in a place where seawater is warm, the trade winds blow gently, and the ice in the boat drinks doesn't melt too fast.

What goes on at a Phin City Parrot Head Club meeting?
We visit with old friends and make new ones. We drink, we sing and dance, we give away tropical merchandise while raising money for charity. We announce upcoming club activities, and we simply have a Great Time. Our meetings, which we call phlockings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at Tommy Rocker's Cantina at 4275 Dean Martin Drive in Las Vegas, NV.