How Can You Join?
To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. Click on the link below to get a copy of the membership form. Fill it out, and send it in with your membership dues to join. The address is on the application. Membership Form

Or click here to join online with PayPal. If you choose the online method, please send the information on the membership form to, or via snail mail, or at one of our phlockings so the Director of Membership can update the club records. Online Renewal

Or come to our monthly phlocking at Tommy Rockers on the first Wednesday of each month and join at the membership table.

Annual Dues
$35 (Solo Parrot Head)
$45(Parrot Head Couple @ same address)
(t-shirt included with new membership)

$25 (Solo Parrot Head)
$35 (Parrot Head Couple)
(t-shirt not included - $10 extra for t-shirt)




What is a Parrot Head?
A Parrot Head is an avid fan of Jimmy Buffett's music. Being a Parrot Head is a lifestyle, a state of mind. A Parrot Head is anyone who enjoys the tropical spirit and atmosphere created by Jimmy Buffett through his music, books and plays. A Parrot Head exists (if only in the mind) in a place where seawater is warm, the trade winds blow gently, and the ice in the boat drinks doesn't melt too fast.

What goes on at a Phin City Parrot Head Club meeting?
We visit with old friends and make new ones. We drink, we sing and dance, we give away tropical merchandise while raising money for charity. We announce upcoming club activities, and we simply have a Great Time. Our meetings, which we call phlockings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at Tommy Rocker's Cantina at 4275 Dean Martin Drive in Las Vegas, NV.