New Members Annual Dues
New Memberships include a T-shirt. Please click on your t-shirt size(s) below when you sign up for a new membership. 1 shirt for a single, two for a couple. Please go to the membership page and print out the membership form. This information needs to be mailed to the club or you can e-mail the information (scan it and send a pdf file or type the information into an e-mail) to That way the membership director can update your info.

New Solo - $35
T-shirt Size
New Couples - $45
T-shirt Size
T-shirt Size

Mail T-shirts - $5.00



Renewals do not include a t-shirt. If you wish to add a T-shirt on renewals, click the T-shirt size you prefer and it is $10 more. If you want shirts mailed, use Mail T-shirts button on the left. If you have any changes to information on a renewal, please let the membership director know what those changes are via e-mail, filling out a membership form or letting us know at a phlocking.

Solo Renewal - $25
Couples Renewal - $35
Click on size for additional shirts - $10
T-Shirt Sizes